Kunst!Rasen all set to go


Martin Nötzel, Heino, Christian Blüm (Brings) & ,Ernst-Ludwig Hartz are ready for Kunst!Rasen 2013

“It’s not our private lawn.  There is an Arts scene in Bonn and we are a part of it.”  With that sentence Co-Promoter Martin Nötzel described perfectly the wide-ranging and ambitious plans for Bonn’s Open Air Venue Kunst!Rasen in the coming Season at this weeks’ Press Conference.  If there isn’t something for everyone it will clearly not be for want of trying.  Top Rock musicians have almost become expected, but Open Air Opera, Picnics, Comedy, Classics, Cinema…   The biggest headache might just be fitting it all into a ‘mere’ four months – early June to late September.  From BAP to Beethoven and everything in between.

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