Memory Lane on the Museumsmile

Dorota Lesch and 'Band' Die Madämchen

Just to prove it’s not all sex and drugs and Rock and Roll on ‘3Songs’ I caught these ladies onstage at the Museumsmile Festival in Bonn this weekend.

Die Madämchen are a Ladies Chamber Orchestra that was founded in 1984 in Cologne by Dorota Lesch (2nd left).  Their musical roots are in Chicago Ragtime so maybe I am slipping in a plug for something Bluesy in here again.  A little different though all the same.

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Robert Kreis tells it like it was – and is

Java born Robert Kreis began his musical career by chance. Whilst working as steward on a cruise-ship he was asked to entertain the passengers on piano. He  enjoyed himself so much that enrolment at a cabaret school in The Hague followed.  At the same time he began collecting old shellack gramaphone discs from junk shops and jumblesales.

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