Zaz – Dans ma rue and in our town

Captivating - Zaz

Win a talent competition, get a contract with Sony, become a big star.  It all sounds so easy.  Why isn’t everyone doing it?  Well, because sometimes that little word ‘Talent’ actually means something in these competitions – and on Friday, in front of a huge Museumsplatz crowd, the young French sensation Zaz wrote the word ‘Talent’ in large font, block capital letters.

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Gianna Nannini – Italy’s Mother of Rock

Gianna NanniniGianna Nanninis appearance at this years June ‚Hard Rock Calling’ Festival in Hyde Park was on a side stage in mid afternoon, long before Bon Jovi closed the days music.  In Italy though Nannini has been a Rock Music icon since 1979’s ‘California’ disc depicting the Statue of Liberty with a vibrator.  She headlines to thousands of devoted fans.  The Museumsplatz in Bonn was the final German step of that European Tour and a chance to see if the fire of rebellion still burns.

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