Crohn’s and The Blues – Laurence Jones in interview

“I got ‘A’ listed on my latest record on the Radio in Holland, so it’s going out to the masses which has been great you know. There are still massive Blues elements in there though and I’ll always have that Blues guitar no matter what I do”


Good news then for the many fans of British Blues musician Laurence Jones who paid his early musical ‘dues’ touring alongside top Blues musicians like Johnny Winter and Walter Trout.  With a new Band, a new CD and a new beard there was a lot to talk about when I met Laurence after his recent concert at The Harmonie.

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Fortunate Bonn – Laurence Jones at the Harmonie

“Sing along if you recognize this one!” Laurence Jones calls out, before launching into a powerful version of the John Fogerty classic ‘Fortunate Son’ at Bonn Harmonie on Monday.  Those present were indeed fortunate, this really was a devastating performance from the acclaimed British ‘Blueser’, truly live music from the heart and soul.  For his last appearance here with Blues Caravan in 2014 Laurence Jones was just a youngster with star potential under the RUF Records roster, at 27 though he has very definitely made the step up to Premier League status.

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10 Years and The Caravan rolls on

DSC_9390‘Where the Blues Crosses over’ is how RUF Records describe the music they offer.  On this the tenth Anniversary of their Blues Caravan Tour it was very definitely crossing over into Rock, and you didn’t need the tattoo of Hendrix on the shoulder of Christina Skjölberg to tell you that, it pounded out of the speakers from three relatively unknown musicians who all clearly wanted to say ‘Here I Am’.  It’s a hard old musical world out there though so who has the looks and the licks to succeed?  Christina Skjolberg, Laurence Jones and Albert Castiglia – let battle commence…

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