Alex Krienke (AJK) Interview

AJK2It was only briefly, but he was once in a band (Aragon) whose lyrical themes included Fantasy, War and Sorcery.   progression to a Power Metal band (Trick of the Light) followed, and now he’s  waiting in a quiet Bonn Bistro for his cup of tea to arrive so our interview can start.

Alex Krienke, best known for his many appearances as vocalist with Sunny Skies, is, Like his new CD ‘What’s Good For You‘, full of surprises.   Okay, there’s a reason for the tea, he’s on anti-biotics – but what about the musical surprises on the new disc? Rock, Pop and Jazz instead of Metal, Mayhem, and Sorcery? – and where do Huey Lewis and Freddie Mercury fit into the Alex Krienke story so far?   Alex spoke to 3SongsBonn in advance of the bands CD Release Concert at Bonn Harmonie on 6 December

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Melting at the Crossroads

DSC_8503It all began in the WDRstudios of Cologne’s Südstadt in 1976, and now it’s very latest edition is being recorded – in Bonn Endenich. ‘Rockpalast’ has of course become a Worldwide Rockmusic institution that has the ability to make(and possibly break) bands into a higher league on the success ladder and touring circuit. The venue is Bonn Harmonie and the bands experiencing a mix of anticipation, excitement and maybe nostalgic goosebumps under the blue neon ‘Rockpalast’ signs tonight are ‘Chain’, ‘Lisa & The Lips’ and ‘Imperial State Electric’.

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Gabby Young – She’s Improved!

DSC_2707-EditI very often find myself comparing the bands I’m reviewing with other bands, A singer with another singer etc. In the case of last nights guest at the Harmonie there was no danger of that happening. Gabby Young is so different that they had to invent a genre just for her sound. Ask at your local music store for the ‘Circus Swing’ section from the three cd’s there – all of them killers.

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Henrik Freischlader – Budapest, Bonn & Blues

DSC_0568Henrik Freischlader’s star continues to rise, only recently he could be seen trading licks with  Mr Joe Bonamassa onstage.  Layla Zoe has also increased her fan-base hugely in Europe in the last months since her excellent second CD on CableCar ‘The Lily’ hit the shops both physically and virtually (internet).

Anything less than an evening of BluesRock magic at the Harmonie would have been a disappointment then, so if you did have a disappointing Wednesday night then you must have been elsewhere – Layla and Henrik both clearly enjoy playing music too much not to give it their best.

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