Caravans and Folk Songs

FolkClubOct2015-70Folk Club Bonn is rather akin to the Duracell Bunny.  Running long after others might have given up all energy depleted, flat out horizontal with plush pink ears on the carpet.   Friday’s Club was very much a case in point:  Normal venue Haus Müllestumpe finds a wedding more profitable than a Folk Club, so bang goes the hall to play in for a month.  Perhaps the Restaurant doesn’t realise how popular the Club has become?  The participants are not just from ‘down the road’ toting guitars after a hard day at the office in Bonn- they book long in advance and come considerable distances to play here.  So, hello to ‘Base Camp’ and Folk Club number 62 with it’s guests from Northern Ireland Fil Campbell and Tom McFarland.

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