Over The Border Goes Virtual

Due to the ongoing Covid restrictions, Bonn’s popular World Music Festival – Over The Border has been moved to September. Organizer Manuel Banha has though put together what he refers to as a ‘Digital Days’ version and it has lots of promise.  The concert streams were recently recorded at an audience-less Bonn Harmonie and feature a selection of musicians of the festival supported by a reduced formation of the Local Ambassadors around Roland Peil.
Guests of the Local Ambassadors include Marcus Schinkel (Voyager IV) and  Daniel Manrique-Smith (Jin Jim) alongside Gert Kapo, Vincent Themba, Stella Tonon, Naomi, David Joris, Ivo Guedes and Carmen Bown. Guests of the festival will be joined by Sven Hammond with his singer Jared Grant, Noemi Waysfield, Suzana Pais and Boticelli Baby singer Marlon Bösherz.

Sven Hammond & Jared Grant

Tickets for the Digital Days version of Over The Border cost EUR 9.90 for the entire row of concert streams.

For everyone who has already bought a day or whole Festival ticket for this year, you will be able to watch all videos for free if you first apply for a key-code by email to m.banha@wunsch.com 

To support live music during these difficult times though I recommend purchasing tickets:


The concerts you will have available are as follows:

Marlon Bösherz

Mi. 24.03 | 18:00 Uhr

Sven Hammond

Do. 25.03 | 18:00 Uhr


Christian Meringolo

Fr. 26.03 | 18:00 Uhr


Stella Tonon

Fr. 26.03 | 21:00 Uhr


Nocturne by

David Walters – Ballaké Ciissoko – Vincent Ségal – Roger Raspail

Sa. 27.03 | 18:00 Uhr


Suzana Pais

So. 28.03 | 15:00 Uhr


Noemi Waysfield

So. 28.03 | 18:00 Uhr


The ImproVising Session

Mo. 29.03 | 18:00 Uhr


Di. 30.03 | 18:00 Uhr

See Over The Border  for more details.

New Cynthia Nickschas music via crowdfunding


“Es ist daaaa!” Cynthia Nickschas introduced the release of a rocking new song/video, Menschenhass,  this week in typical Cynthia fashion.

As she proudly announces, the new video was “Recorded live in the theatre hall (Franziskusbau) of my old school on Loheland, we now present you the first song of our third album “Blatt Papier” (Sheet of Paper).

But here, as William Shakespeare would say, is the ‘rub’:  Finishing the whole new disc will need money, and like every musician in the last months, Cynthia has not been on the road selling tickets and cd’s.  The whole project seeing light of day on vinyl etc is, therefore, dependant on a little help from her many friends.

Simply put – If you like this video taster of Cynthia in 2021, then please put some money in the lady’s virtual hat.

How?  You can find the crowdfunding campaign for ‘Blatt Papier’ via ‘Startnext’ HERE

Those donations won’t go empty-handed though as there are lots of goodies up for grabs – from signed cd’s to entire House-Concerts.  For German speakers, I’ll let Cynthia Nickschas have the last word…

R.I.P. Chick Corea

Award-winning Jazz musician Chick Corea has died at the age of 79.

Corea’s career spanned five decades, and he was the fourth most-nominated artist in the Grammy Awards history with 65 nominations (from which he won 23 times.  Corea died on 9 February from a recently discovered rare form of Cancer, but his music is destined to survive him for a very long time.  Particularly his ground-breaking work with Miles Davis in the ’60’s and with his band ‘Return to Forever.

My picture was taken at a memorable concert at Bonn Kunst!Rasen with Stanley Clarke in 2014.



Clara Clasen Livestream from Brotfabrik

Local concert fans will have seen Clara Clasen on one of the many Bonn/Cologne stages in the last couple of years.

You can be sure though that Clara will put on a memorable Live Stream Concert on Friday (29 Jan)  There will also be a chance to win CD’s and merchandise packages from the lady herself.  Tune in and find out how on the night.

Clara Clasen is the founder of a small but energetic acoustic rock company based in Bonn. Her work is characterised by her strong voice and exciting songwriting, which utilizes influences from blues, punk and pop. Most of the time she can be found with her acoustic guitar, but sometimes she also ventures out on ukulele or piano. In 2018, her first studio album with a band arrangement, “Sugar & Morphine”, saw the light of day.  June 2020 saw the acoustic release ‘Cyanide & Cream’ so listen out from some tracks from these – and if you like the show, head over to Clara’s website for new merchandise – T-shirt fans, Summer is just around the corner (and up the road a bit…)

WHERE: Brotfabrik Bühne Bonn and Clara Clasen
Friday at 8 PM UTC+01
PRICE:  Free
WHO:  Anyone on or off Facebook


The Carnival will go on in Bonn – Musically at least


Good news for lovers of Germany’s famed ‘Fifth Season’ – Carneval has not been completely cancelled.  Despite Corona, BonnLive is set to bring a bit of ‘Jeck’ to Cologne and Bonn in the coming weeks.  From 29 January to 16 February a strong line-up of popular musicians will be just a car-ride away.  Concerts will be held on the parking lot of the popular Südstadion in Cologne and on the old Miesen grounds in Dottendorf, featured bands include KASALLA, BRINGS, BLÄCK FÖÖSS and HÖHNER.

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Layla Zoe – Nowhere Left To Go (Layla Zoe Music)

Layla Zoe certainly didn’t make it easy for herself. 2018’s superb double-disc ‘Gemini’ seemed to say everything that could be said and in the best way possible. It was electric, it was Blues, Funk, Gospel and Rock. It was the sum of all the releases before it. The subsequent ‘Retrospective Tour’ and disc suggested a watershed moment had been reached. Did it also leave the self-proclaimed firegirl literally with ‘Nowhere Left To Go’? – is this perhaps the aptest album title ever penned? Well, no, as it thankfully turns out. Whilst NLTG doesn’t re-invent the wheel as far as Layla’s music is concerned it is, thanks to plenty of new faces behind the songs, still a fresh as well as a strong statement from the heart. It also still showcases the lady’s amazing voice with that trademark emotional intensity that is the secret of Layla Zoe’s success.

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