Kunst!Rasen 2022

Katie Melua

The biggest question surrounding Kunst!Rasen 2022 is of course will it or won’t it? Here I’m talking about the long awaited visit from Gordon Sumner aka Sting. I would guess that a large portion of the concert going public of Bonn has been dusting it’s tickets for the former Policeman. over the last few years. July 10th will (hopefully) see the concert take place, with eldest son Joe Sumner as one of the guests.

Jim Kerr of Simple Minds

Let’s not lose site of other highlights in the Kunst!Rasen 2022 calender though. For people of a certain, discerning, age like myself the shows by Deep Purple, Simple Minds and Katie Melua are high on the ‘must see’ list. The Katie Melua gig is particularly interesting for Bonn Folk Fans as it features as support UK singer/songwriter Roxanne DeBastion, daughter of popular Bonn Folk Club visiitor the late Richard DeBastion.

Folk fans can also finally be happy, since they have an afternoon/evening devoted to them on 9 July headed by Mrs Greenbird from Cologne, winners of Season three of ‘The Xfactor’. Also on the bill from Cologne is a ‘Geheimtip’ from me, Matthew Robb. It will be well worth a visit, and FREE!

Roxanne DeBastion – supporting Katie Melua

Here is the full itinerary as it stands:

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