Tour Bonn in 1698 for free

Do you fancy a tour around the old streets of Bonn in the year 1698 on Friday 13.05.22 at 7 pm for free? In English of course (the local nightwatchmen had to be able to deal with everyone and anyone they might encounter on an evening watch). You might even be offered some music to help you on your way.

To win a tour place for yourself and a guest, just send an email to: with the Betreff/Heading ‘Nightwatchman competition’ The first answer received wins!

Even if you don’t win, do come along to the Brassert Ufer on Friday (13 May) at 7pm and take a refreshing walk into your own past, and don’t be afeared to bring your friends and family along as well, for as long as you are with Master John, the night watchman, you’ll be safe indeed, even from the ghoulish local ghosts. Take a stroll with the Bonn Nightwatchman into Bonn’s history.

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