Unter Der Zeder – 2021 Season Plans Revealed

KuKuG in Bad Godesberg has just revealed plans for its open-air season Under the Cedar Trees (Unter der Zeder) in July and August, Covid restrictions permitting.

Six concerts have been tentatively planned in July and August 2021, and if you were unable to travel abroad physically this year, you will certainly have the chance to cross the oceans musically before Summer is out.  Familiar faces include Astatine (5 July) with Brazilian Jazz & Latin Grooves, and Marion & Sobo (19 July) with Gypsy & Chanson – fans of Django Reinhardt should not miss this one!  Simon Kempston and Bonn Folk Club fans should make a date on 2 August when the British Isles is showcased.

Messrs Harrison, McVeigh and Kempston

The opening concert on 5 July will feature the popular Astatine, her hypnotizing voice this time matched by the guitar skills of Uwe Arenz.  There is sure to be a feeling of Brazilian joie de vivre on this evening.  Special guest will be flautist Michael Heupel


For details on all the music and musicians scheduled to appear click on the MUSIK UNTER DER ZEDER LINK HERE


An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman…  no, that’s not the start of a joke, it’s the musical fare on 2 August.  The evening will be of particular interest to Folk Club Bonn fans starved of their favourite songs and singers.  One of Scotlands finest fingerstyle guitarists, Simon Kempston, will be keen to introduce his new disc and make up for missing his annual Xmas show in Bonn last Christmas.

All Musik Unter der Zedar (Music under The Cedar Trees) concerts are scheduled to take place on the above Monday evenings from 7:30 pm

Whilst there is still no way of knowing the conditions for live music in July it is hoped that the shows will be open-air, with room for a maximum 120 people.  The hygiene concept of the small theatre that were successful last time will apply again.
Ticket sales will be available via www.EVENTBRITE.de in the near future, with net proceeds going to the musicians and the Kleine Theater.

  • Kleines Theater
         Koblenzer Str. 78
         Bonn, 53177 Deutschland

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