Open Piano for Refugees

Live music in Bonn is always welcome – especially so when it is towards a good cause.  Konstantin Kopenhagen warmed up the  ‘Open Piano for Refugees’ keyboard in Münsterplatz this afternoon.

Anyone is free to sit down and play the piano (after disinfecting their hands first of course – Covid rules apply as always) All donations go towards the DoReMi social music institute in Vienna which serves to promote the inclusion of refugees or socially disadvantaged people regardless of nationality.

The institute not only has refugees as students, it also encourages them to become teachers. To make sure that income doesn’t play a role in whether people have the opportunity to learn to play music or not, the institute runs on a simple ‘pay what you can’ basis. For them, it’s not about the money, it’s about the music. Key concept for the Institute is that Music unifies, and we can all benefit from that these days for sure!

The Open Piano will be available for playing from 12:00 until this weekend (12/13 Sept) and returns to Bonn again from 17-20 September

For more information on Open Piano for Refugees visit their website HERE




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