The Step Twins – Beer, Sunshine, Rock ‘n’ Roll

Wolfgang Scheelen has quite an impressive list of musicians that he’s appeared with, including Ray Charles, Fats Domino and Dizzy Gillespie. On this fine Summer afternoon in Bonn, Scheelen is laying down dome mean blues harp solos with Bastian Korn on piano and Benny Korn on drums, aka The Step Twins. The SWB Sommerfestival is back with sunshine and music at the Parkrestaurant Rheinaue

True to the background of their eldest member the trio have a heavy dose of 50’s Rock n Roll in their repertoire. Charles’s ‘Hallelujah, I Love Her So’ and Bill Hailey’s ‘Rock Around The Clock’ are in there alongside Chuck’s ‘Johnny B Goode’. It’s music to dance to – and dancing is on the current list of Corona designated ‘No No’s’. All the same, there is a row or two of people standing up and doing as close to dancing as the beer tables will allow.

Following a recent fire at the Rheinaue things have had to be re-arranged somewhat. My impression is that the re-arrangement might just be for the better. The audience is laid out in a narrower line of trestle tables than before but they go back a lot further. Ideal for people who want a beer but also want a conversation. Now you can choose how much music you want.

Me? I wanted lots of music. If you too want lots of music then check out the coming list of concerts HERE

The concerts run until 29 August. Monday to Saturday 7.30pm until 10.00pm (Sundays 2pm until 5pm). Entrance is free but please bear in mind the Corona Virus regulations current at the time of the concert and also, there is a limited number of places available, so it may be advisable to book in advance.

For more photos from the band click HERE

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