SWB Sommerfestival

A cold beer and some Hot Jazz or cool cover band music – the best place for both in Summer is outside the Parkrestaurant Rheinaue.

This year’s SWB-Sommerfestival calendar has just been released.  From 8 July to 30 August you can hear plenty of familiar bands and music.

Heart & Soul will be out on ‘bad behaviour’ – 29 August

The bands Sunny Skies and Heart & Soul are long established and popular names which are sure to bring a big attendance of loyal supporters, but with the hope of sunshine this Summer the Parkrestaurant open-air stage is sure to be popular throughout the Festival. A veritable blizzard of Coverbands will be playing the music of pretty well every Superstar that’s inspired someone to cover their music: Brothers in Arms, Queen May Rock, Reggatta de Blanc, Brandy Beatles, Cocker on the Rocks, Heroes, Sticky Fingers, Sir Williams, Rod & Cher, Sissi A, Almost Pink, Eric – Where is Layla,Deezl, Eagles Reloaded etc etc…. (trying to guess the band being covered by their name is a fun game!)   Hot Jazz Boys and Kraske’s Knussperjazz, Hot Jazz GmbH, and DD Hot 5 will be bringing Jazz whilst popular non-cover band music will be (thinly) representedby  the likes of Christian Meringolo and Le Clou.

My advice, if you want to be sure of a seat and a stage view, be there early.  If you just want to listen to the music with a view of the sun setting on the Drachenfels – bring a picnic blanket!

All concerts 7.30pm to 10 pm

Click HERE for the full SWB Sommerfestival Calendar

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