Farewell Letlowe

At the Harmonie in 2017

Sad to hear that Letlowe will be playing their final concert at Bla in Bonn next January.   I enjoyed following their deserved success after winning the Toys 2Masters band competition (as Millenium) in 2016.  Alassio, Fabian, Ijaz, Tom and Yannik made an excellent team and stood out a mile, in the positive sense, when I caught them for the first time in the first round of that Toys 2Masters in Bad Godesberg.  As they say on their farewell announcement:

“It’s great to see how many people are keen to follow and help when you share chasing your dreams with enthusiasm and passion”.

(“Es ist schön zu sehen, wie viele folgen und helfen, wenn man mit Enthusiasmus und Leidenschaft versucht seine Träume zu verwirklichen”).

They have a few more shows still, in Hamburg, Offenbach, Münster before a final goodbye show on 19 January in Bla in Bonn.

Winning the Toys 2Masters 2016 (as Millenium)


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