The Buttshakers with Roughix at Stadtgarten

A ten year Anniversary and a celebrated Rockpalast Band. Two reasons not to miss Roughix and The Buttshakers at the Stadtgarten recently

Local Funk troubadors Roughix were the band celebrating their tenth anniversary, and it’s easy to see why they’ve maintained popularity over such a long period, even as you wonder how such a young looking line-up can go back so far (the band was created at school as it turns out). They certainly have a ‘feel-good’ factor about their sound. There’s a party atmosphere right from the first notes of their funky music that can’t fail to have toes tapping and hips swaying in no time at all.

Roughix get the evening off to a funky start

Influences (says Facebook) include Jan Delay, Adele and Joe Bonamassa. I’m not sure that I hear any of these in here, certainly not jolting Joe. What I do hear is a band having a good time that carries over into the audience. There are guest appearances whom I tried to trace, but we’re living in the ‘Abbreviated Age’ so I can only say that @dom.hama joined them on guitar. Joy Masala on vocals too. Interestingly, Joy has Facebook, YouTube and Instagram links but seemingly no website. Proof that the visual image is taking over? Does anyone remember MySpace? Don’t look at me – I was informed about upcoming events in my youth by the 10cc Appreciation Society Newsletter.

Roughix demonstrate wind power

A solid performance, by a solid band who know their stuff and deliver it well. There were very few people seated on the grass by the sets end – but admittedly it had rained quite heavily not too long before, which sadly affected the attendance figures negatively because the next group certainly deserved to set a new record.

There are those who firmly believe that French band The Buttshakers blew away Wolf Mahn when they shared a Rockpalast bill at the Harmonie in 2015. You can judge for yourself HERE


Ciara Thompson having a good time

If you were camped out on the damp lawn or down the front on Saturday though you won’t need to check out that video to know what a bundle of energy the bands singer Ciara Thompson is, or the rest of the band for that matter. As the lady said before uttering a single note – “You know what your butt is? Well I want you to shake it. I want everyone to have a good time!” and if anyone didn’t, it certainly wasn’t the bands fault. Ciara’s wonderful Soulful voice is literally horn powered. There is no way you can stop your butt from shaking when these guys and girls are in full flow!

I’m writing with the bands ‘Night Shift’ CD playing in the background. It’s good, but it doesn’t get at the essence of the band. They really need to be experienced live. “I’m coming down there to see you all dance” threatened Ciara mid-set. “I’ve been on the road a long time and I don’t smell so good with sweating here on stage. So if you don’t dance I’m gonna come and stand right beside you…”

Sylvain Lorens is having a good time too

Say what you will, the girl has style with a capital ‘S’! She also has a super soulful and bluesy voice. With a charisma to match her powerful sound, Ciara Thompson really is a photographers dream if you’re after drama baby. Such a shame that the brief pre-concert shower of rain had obviously kept a lot of people at home. If that includes you – then you missed one of the best bands to have played here at Stadtgarten. Shame on you! My bet (and hope) is that The Buttshakers will be imploring people to shake their behinds again before too long again in Bonn. Harmonie, are you listening? There are groups that are famous and nobody knows why – and other groups that are not, and nobody understands why either. Ciara Thompson, backed by a super and powerful band, definitely should be HUGE!



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