Hop Stopping in the Summergarden

It only seems like yesterday that the Mariachi sounds of Neva Brass brought the curtain up, but today’s concert by Hop Stop Banda brought this years GA-Sommergarten season on the Bundeskunsthalle roof to a fittingly lively end.

Slightly cloudy skies parted to give us a mostly bright and sunny day and the success of this years concerts could be seen in the queues waiting to go ‘up on the roof’ by early afternoon.  It’s been an odd sort of Season this year with people on swings behind the stage and odd, rusty poles laid on the ground artistically signifying a broken flagpole.  A pin-table football game with female players (most now sadly with legs broken off at the end of a hard season)

There’s still plenty happening on the roof this year then – just not of the musical variety unless you count the karaoke singing in a giant walk-in container.

One of those venues that define the special atmosphere of Bonn.  See you in 2018 for more musical fun in the rooftop sun!

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