Manfred Mann’s Earthband Competition

When people talk about longevity in the music business they could easily be referring to one ‘Man’ in particular:  Manfred Mann.  His first hit ‘54321’ was the theme to Britain’s pioneering pop programme ‘Ready Steady Go’ in 1964.  The Earth Band, put together in the early 70’s, had some major pop hits and is still performing to this very day with Mann and fellow founding member Mick Rogers. is offering one lucky winner two places on the guest-list for the Manfred Mann Band’s concert at the City Forum in Euskirchen on 21 April.  To win, just send an email with subject ‘Manfred Mann Competition’ to the email address  and answer the following question correctly: Name one hit of Manfred Mann’s Earthband that was written by Bruce Springsteen. If your’s is the first correct answer received you will be on the guestlist in Euskirchen with a friend.  Good Luck!

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