Andreas Theobald Quartet

In 2017 pianist Andreas Theobald was to be heard at Bonn Main Station during the Jazztube Season.  Last November he was the support for ‘Confluence’ at the Pantheon and now he is headlining his own evening together with Argentinian Jazz singer Sabeth Perez.  A star on the rise is always worth a visit, so lets take it easy and relax before the weekend with some relaxing vibes at the Dottendorfer Jazznight.

Christoph Möckel

For those new to Bonn, Dottendorf is one of those parts of Bonn that probably not so long ago had it’s own life away from the Big City.  Karneval  is very often the only chance such locations have a chance to shine independently unless they have a ‘secret weapon’ to single them out.  In Kessenich it’s the Haribo Factory, in Gronau it’s the open air ‘Kunst!Rasen’ Season.  Don’t underestimate neighbouring Dottendorf though – it could well be considered  the heartland of Jazz in Bonn.


The Dottendorfer Jazznight was created by local Jazz Man Marcus Schinkel and local Jazz Fan Herbert Kaupert to offer local musicians a shopfront for their musical wares, and tonight that means an appearance by The Andreas Theobald Quartet with special guest vocalist Sabeth Perez.

Sabath Perez living the music

I’m a relative newcomer to the Ortszentrum Dottendorf  but I’m already warming to it as a venue.  Unpretentious.  Buy coupons on the door for drinks during the show, take a seat by a bistro table and relax with an evenings Jazz.  Be sure to get there in good time though.  My impression is that the venue is gathering both momentum and regular visitors – ten minutes before tonight’s show starts stacks of chairs are being brought in and just as quickly claimed.  By the time Andreas Theobald leads his quartet to the stage, gangways have disappeared and faces are pointed expectantly stagewards.


It doesn’t take long to establish that this is an excellent young band.   Christoph Möckel  weaves magic from his soprano saxophone and both drummer Felix Ambach and Calvin Lennig on contra bass maintain a creative groove for Möckel and Andreas Theobald on piano to embellish as they wish.  For some reason Theobald reminds me visually of a young Cliff Richard or Chet Baker.  He looks relaxed but in command.  Above all, he looks like he’s enjoying the music and the smiling faces before the stage show he’s not alone.

Bandleader Andreas Theobald

I’m looking for good photo angles from the doorway when a young lady with jet black hair and black shorts steps past me and onto the stage.  Sabeth Perez is only just 26 but already well versed in her musical trade. She grew up with traditional music in her native Argentina before studying at the Music High School in Cologne and has been in numerous ensembles that have won Jazz Awards.  It only takes a few moments of her velvet voice to understand why.  There seems an instant rapport, especially  with Christoph Möckel’s sax.


Only my second visit to the Jazz Centre then, but definitely not my last.  The next concert scheduled for the Jazznight is by Omar Klein whom top German magazine Der Spiegel has described as an International Star.  It’s a reflection of the direction Dottendorf’s Jazznight is heading.  My recommendations are to get a ticket quickly and get there early!




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