Back on the Jazz Tube


Dirk Schaadt at Uni/Markt

Hard to believe as it is we are now into the 5th year of Jazz Tube.  In that time it has become hard to imagine there not being a short reason to break journeys to and from work – even to just go to a tubestation with no intention of getting a train or tram (unless it’s to get to another band on the jazztube circuit!)


Thomas Kimmerle greets the start of a New Season with Martin Feske at Uni/Markt

Organiser Thomas Kimmerle (left in picture) promises an inviting blend of international jazz from some of the best young talent around – along with a few musical surprises along the way.  3songs managed to catch some of the music from the first Friday/Saturday concerts of 2016 and can vouch for that.  From Bonn Main Station Friday’s bright modern sounds of Four to that same station’s ‘music of tomorrow’ offered by the Pangea Ultima Jazz project.


Lizlane in action

Lizlane in action

Dirk Schaadt caught attention not so long ago with an instrumental version of ‘Highway to Hell’ and even if he didn’t blow the roof off the Uni/Markt tubestation with volume he and his trio made for an enjoyable musical break.


Smile please, you’re on TV!


Along the tube at Museumsmeile it was time to cool off with the sound of Aachen’s Liza Heide who along with Julia Kriegsmann on sax and her band Lizlane, brought not only a big crowd of listeners but also the TV cameras of WDR’s ‘Lokalzeit’ who no doubt will have recommended viewers to stop by at future Jazztube’s.  I do too!  Check the Jazztube link on the right of this page for details.


Saturday Jazz at the Main Station with Pangea Ultima



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