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JazzTube14_08_15-10-Edit_DeNoiseGood news for users of the Deutsche Bahn is a rarity but here’s some:  Jazz Tube is back!

The fifth season of this highly succesful competition Begins on 26 August and finishes with the Grand Finale at Bonn LVR-Landesmuseum on 23 October.  In between are six days packed with music at the tram stops Bonn Hauptbahnhof, Universität/Markt and Heusallee/Museumsmeile (the latter on Fridays only)

For times and places check the Jazztube website HERE and If you’re thinking “Jazz what?” or want to know more of the story behind the competition there is an interview with founder and organizer Thomas Kimmerle HERE

Oh – and don’t forget to vote!

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