Kunst!Rasen 2016 Line-up

Martin Nötzel, Kunst!Garten's Katrin Weinrieis and Ernst Ludwig Hartz present Kunst!Rasen 2015

Martin Nötzel, Kunst!Garten’s Katrin Weinrieis and Ernst Ludwig Hartz present Kunst!Rasen 2015

‘Made in Germany’ could be the title of next year’s Kunst!Rasen season down by the Rhine in Bonn.  Eight of the acts so far announced for next Summer are German success stories, beginning with the opening show on 24 June by HipHopper Sido.  Chris DeBurgh and Beth Hart are the only International names presently in the hat but more are to come.

Last year saw 37,000 people in front of the main stage at Kunst!Rasen.  The bulk of these attended concerts by German bands – Revolverheld ,Max Herre and voice of Germany judge Irishman Rea Garvey all drew good crowds.  The result is a conscious switch in 2016 away from international stars with big salary expectations and big amplifiers.  Neither are feasible for 2016 said Concert Organizer  Ernst Ludwig Hartz at Friday’s press conference who put it plainly and simply:  “There is little point in talking someone into appearing who initially wants to play loud, because when they find they cannot do so, they are unhappy and that’s not the sort of musician who will deliver a good concert”. 


Increasing demands financially are also making it harder to find International musicians who will play here.  Venues that already have an infrastructure can afford to up the pay – Kunst!Rasen though begins in a field every year anew.  Electricity, water etc  etc,  all have to be brought in and taken away.  Even local ‘rival’ Tanzbrunnen in Cologne has a stage and facilities all year round.  The trend since record sales ceased to bolster live music is to play a stadium or two for crazy money and head home.


Beth Hart at the KunstPalast

If all that sounds depressing then hold on.  There is actually some very talented ‘local’ music coming to the big field next year.  Along with the aforementioned Sido will be a visit on 25 June by the always popular Jan Delay and his top live band ‘Disco-No.-1’.  2016 will see, in Delay’s own words: “The same gloriously euphoric sweat soaked show as before – but this time with an extra guitarist to add to the rave”.  Nuff said I think.


Sportfreunde Stiller will have popular youngsters Madsen and The Streaming Satellites as support for the 20th Anniversary of the band.  Munich born songwriter Konstantin Wecker .  In the current political climate 67 year old Wecker will be a good bet to pull in a big audience.


12 July sees a visit from Princess Diana’s favourite Chris DeBurgh.  Fear not those of you with sensitive hearing living near the Kunst!Rasen though – DeBurgh will be doing a duo-acoustic tour with keyboarder/musical director Nigel Hopkins.  Element of Crime might be a bit louder though.  The band made their first disc in 1985 and will have a new one out when they play on 13 July.  “Melancholic Pop-Rock’ is Wikipedia’s description of the band.

Forty years of BAP.  Sounds quite frightening for their fans to realise I imagine, even if it seems like they have always existed – when Adam was eyeing apples, Wolfgang Niedecke was very probably strumming his guitar under a nearby tree to a Bob Dylan song (yes Dylan is even older!).  I for one have marked this one down as not to miss.

Always popular - even after 40 years. Wolfgang Niedecken

Always popular – even after 40 years. Wolfgang Niedecken

To come we have a Klassik!Piknik which hopefully will be allowed to be a little louder than last year as it was a highlight for many and an introduction to many of classical music – for which alone the City should waive any noise complaints instantly.  Also to come again will be a Classic Rocknacht with Joe Bonamassa’s favourite co-singer the wonderful Beth Hart.  If you saw her a couple of years ago at the shortlived ‘Kunstpalast’ you will know NOT to miss this one – whoever joins her.

Some more names to be added in the coming days.


Kunst!Garten will also be back – this time for a slightly shorter period – 12 May until 4 September.  A mixed bag of performers is guaranteed here –and if you want to be a part of it get your application in ASAP to kunstgarten@kunstrasen-bonn.de.  The only proviso is that you play your own material.


2016 will see the current contract between the City and the otganizers of Kunst!rasen come to an end.  Will it continue after that?  Currently there are two cases pending regarding noise levels from 2015.  Oddly enough neither is from the Rocknacht with the likes of Alice Cooper and Status Quo.  The bass foot pedal of Passenger singer Mike Rosenberg’s acoustic show was enough to slip just over the limit – that’s how fragile the ice is these days for promoters and performers.  In the hope that the musicians may one day be able again to make some noise please make some now by shouting out loud to friends and family what the coming season has to offer.  See you in 2016 down by the Rhine.


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