Floodhead in the sunshine

HUR_2423-EditFudgerock?  That’s how the Floodhead website describes their sound. At times I lose track of those sub-genres spun out to describe music so I’ll just say we had an interesting progressive Rock band onstage at the Kunst!Garten on Thursday.

It’s something of a lottery when you apply for a slot at the Kunst!Garten I suspect.  Get a mid-week day and a few puffy grey clouds and you have either a one man and his dog audience or a cancelled show (as last Sunday).  Get a public holiday and sunshine and you’ve struck gold.

Floodhead then struck gold, but I’m not sure that they mined it to maximum gain.  Starts at Kunst!Garten are advertised as 6pm and whilst no-one awaits an on the dot start at least soundchecks should be over by then.  If the noise agreement only allows bands to switch on their amps from 6pm then maybe switch the advertised start to 6.30 pm and avoid irritated spectators.


Actually, to avoid irritated spectators a few teething problems need sorting.  The refreshments booth needs some re-organization, as  ‘Pfand züruck’ discs compete with empty glasses for confusion and an order point just for drinks or even a waiter service would maybe help prevent the long queues that are going to get even longer when things get really busy – especially after the big concerts finish.  It would also up the bar takings considerably I suspect as a ‘win/win’ situation.


Back to the music though and Floodhead could be a good description of the singer and cello players red hair which makes him look like a younger brother of Ed Sheeran.  Paul Rittel is his name and the band looks to be built around his imaginative talents with electric cello.

I’m neither a fan or expert where Progressive Rock (or Fudgerock!) is involved.  The band took quite a while to settle down musically and when you’re playing with microphone distortion and imaginative progressions in a basic setting like that offered by Kunst!Garten it’s far from an ideal showcase.  When they did settle though the music was interesting.  If lyrics are important in this genre then I’m not sure what it was all about.  “Rain comes, Rain goes, Dirt stays the same in the night” is something I thought I heard.

So interesting/curious lyrics, the clothing was also interesting/curious with an odd lace brocade around Rittels waist.  Singer Sarah Ludes was even more Curious when she donned her green striped dressing gown.  The band also had an interesting/curious age spread and it must be said the older heads in the rhythm section did a good job keeping the music in form and tact.  Not easy with Fudgerock I would think.


So, ‘interesting/curious’ would be my brief review of Floodhead then.  Paul Rittel might well be one to watch though if time helps him focus the imaginative musical ideas in his head.  Maybe Fudgerock’s first Electric Cello superstar will be from Bonn?


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