Seatown Seven on The Roof

Seatown Seven (8 of 23)Sunday morning saw a return to the Golden Era of Jazz and also to the Golden Era of concerts on the Bundeskunsthalle roof in Bonn with Seatown Seven.

79 year old Adrian Von Saucken is the only remaining member of the Wuppertal based Seatown Seven but his enthusiasm matched that of his excellent Band on a breezy but dry Summer afternoon of Jazz from the Classic New Orleans sound to Early Swing.
Seatown Seven (19 of 23)

Adrian von Saucken – still swinging after all these years

The Blues was welcome for me, including Jelly roll Morton’s ‘Winin’ Boy Blues’ – recently brought back into vogue via Hugh Laurie.  Sidney bechet’s ‘Petit Fleur and of course ‘Panama Rag’.
All in all a perfect start to the Summer Season ‘On the Roof’ that continues in a fortnights time (14 June) with the Balkan Pop of Hop Stop Banda
Seatown Seven (2 of 23)


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