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DSC_4314Jazztube 2013 is now well underway in Bonn, so 3Songs took a ride or two to see how this years crop of young talent was faring on the Underground stations of Bonn.

First stop on the August Jazztube and it brought a blast of bracing Jazz-Rock courtesy  of the JinJim Quartett.  ‘Flute powered’ through Daniel Manrique-Smith would be an apt description, with a drummer leaning more in the musical direction of Ginger than Chet Baker.  Definitely music to kick-start the weekend to rather than relax into it.


JinJim Quartett

Christopher Klassen of the Klasters Duo at the Markt Station could easily have passed for a Hard Rocker , until he opened his mouth that is and a sweet sound reminiscent of those smooth early vocal discs by Chet Baker.  No trumpet this time around though, but instead a perfectly pared down background sound via the subtle guitar skills of Marius Peters.  I could easily have listened to The Klasters Duo all evening Except that time was flying and my VRS timetable told me I had to move on down the line to Museumsmeile hastily if I was to catch the lady with the Grand Piano.

The Klasters Duo

The Klasters Duo

A slight disappointment then to discover Laia Genc pertly ensconced behind a small electric piano.  I can only assume the escalator was to narrow for a Steinway.  No disappointment musically though.  Organizer Thomas Kimmerle had wisely tucked her trio Liason Tonique away in the quietest, most atmospheric of the three venues where the bands musical subtlety could be properly savored.  (You know it’s serious Jazz when the drummer puts a cloth over his snare drum to get just the right tone for a twenty second segment of music).   There was an Ornette Coleman piece but for the most part the set was self composed by Laia herself, including my favorite of the evening ‘You Gave Me’, dedicated to her Grandmother and if anything  benefiting from that electric piano sound in a way I haven’t heard since 10CC had a monster hit with ‘I’m Not In Live’ many moons ago.  The piano actually turned out to be a 60’s model that even had dials above the keys. I haven’t seen  dial knobs like that since my Dads old transistor radio packed up and died around the late 60’s.

Liason Tonique

Liason Tonique

Beautiful music, and as always,VOTING for just one of these bands will ultimately depend if you prefer chalk or cheese.


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