Indian Summer

Oota Dabun & Wolfsheart

Oota Dabun & Wolfsheart (Big City Indians)

Star Guests at this years Museumsmeile Festival were Big City Indians.
The Band wonGroup of the year award at this years ‘NAMMY’s’ (Native American Music Awards’) for a third time recently and delivered an interesting mix of American Indian/Rock  opposite the Iroquois Longhouse and Garden at Museumsplatz.

Bandleader ‘Wolfsheart’ is actually Austrian, so how did he come to be playing an Indian flute?  “I didn’t find Indian Music, it found me” was his answer.  “Why do white men sing the Blues?” he countered.  Certainly the arrival onstage of Oota Dabun took the sunshine up a notch for the many fathers at the Museumsmeilenfest with their children.   Oota, or Caroline to use her family name, was born in Matagami, the land of the Cree Indians in northern Canada, and is of Aboriginal/French Canadian descent.

“A mixture of rock, roots, fusion, blues and continual songwriting attracts numerous tribal beats, mystic ethereal keyboards, rocking guitar riffs, mysterious whispers of Native American flute, funky basslines and meditative sounds”.  That’s how the band describe themselves on their website.  Sounds about right to me.

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