20 Years Mr Music in Bonn

There was a time, I’m told. when Bonn was a haven for record shops.  Up until recently there was still ‘Kaufhof’ for the bestsellers, ‘Gilde’ for the Classics, and there was a little store opposite Bonn Central Station for the best of the rest.  Now there is only one – and it’s the little store with the Big heart  that still stands.  Saturdays Harmonie concert by Julian Sas was a chance to celebrate not just good music, but also 20 Years of ‘Mr Music’ on Maximilian Strasse.  Proprietor Bernd Gelhausen has been devoted to the music business all his life – working behind a shop counter before going into management and record production.  He still gets involved in promotion, most recently with Swedish  Hard Rockers Bonafide, LA Blues Rockers Little Caesar and of course Dutchman Julian Sas.  Look for an in depth interview with Mr Gelhausen around the shops 25 th Anniversary -in five years time.  A big part of that interview happening will be down to you, dear reader and music lover .  Here’s the shop where you can still hear the satisfying ‘clack’ of looking through a rack of discs: Mr Music Bonn

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