Great music to come…

Aynsley Lister

Whilst we were tucking into Christmas lunch and visiting relatives The local promoters were busy lining up great music for us later in the year.  The new open-air venue has led to endless speculation – I’ve heard The Who and Zaz mentioned as forthcoming attractions.  Whilst we keep our fingers crossed on those scores there are some great evenings lined up already at the Harmonie, including a very welcome return of the legendary Louisana Red.  There’s Johnny Winter too of course, and lots more to come as a brief look at the Harmonie website reveals.


  • Jan 19 Hamburg Blues Band w. Chris Farlowe and Arthur Brown
  • Jan 26 Nine Below Zero with Blues Harp master Mark Feltham
  • Jan 31 Blues Caravan w. Samantha Fish, Dani Wilde & a newcomer named  Victoria Smith
  • Feb 1 (yes the very next day!) Britains legendary Blues Band w. all original members including Radio 1 DJ Paul Jones and Dave Kelly
  • Feb 2 Dr Feelgood with Jimmy Bowskill (who was fantastic with Jeff Beck and Joe Bonamassa at the Museumsplatz in 2010)
  • Mar 5 Poppa Chubby
  • Mar 13 Johnny Winter
  • Apr 7 Louisiana Red w. Baums Bluesbenders
  • April 19 Aynsley Lister

and that’s without the eagerly awaited open-air  news!

Louisiana Red

Jimmy Bowskill

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