Putting the Beat in Bonn

Anyone new to the music scene in Bonn will enjoy a peek at the website put together by Karl Heinz Schwamborn, Klaus Berger, Jörg Schlienkamp  &  Harry Wolff.

It takes german speaking readers back to a time when The Beatles ruled as did a musical style that gave us some wonderful bands and 45 rpm singles (those small black discs with holes in the middle!)

Here’s a link to the site that it’s creators proudly hope ‘will never be finished’ because visitors  and administrators alike will hopefully always have something new to add in recognition of the ‘Beat Boom’:Bonn Beat Scene Website

It’s not all dusty history either:  A  packed house turned out to see 60’s hitmakers ‘The Fortunes’ recently.  Their hit ‘You’ve got your Troubles’ knocked the mighty mop tops off the top spot in 1965.  The bands show this year in the St Cassius Youthclub was a reminder that the club was once a centre for youth music in Bonn.

Recommended – a look at the tab labelled ‘Bonn in den 60ern’!

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