Out on the Streets of Bonn

Opera time Outside Kartstadt

I can’t guarantee you’ll find that perfect present for Aunt Gladys, or the shoes to match your latest summer outfit, but I can guarantee that  on any moderately dry Saturday in Bonns shopping centre you will find music.  Whether it be high Opera as provided by the young lady with the angelic voice left,  or the two gentlemen below providing a French-style musical backdrop to go shopping by near the Market Square.


Sadly, the angelic voice had to run for cover as a thunder storm blew in.  At least the duo undercover on the stage singing and playing keyboard at the Wine Festival could  continue playing happy holiday music in the dry.  I guess the only way to pass the time until the sun brings the musicians out again is to go in the shops and find something for Auntie Gladys…

...followed by english weather in Bonn

Italian music ...

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