Change My Game -Thorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado (RUF 1240)

This is a CD I fed into my player with some trepidation.  Thorbjørn Risager’s previous studio release ‘Too Many Roads’  was my favourite release of 2014.  It was a special moment indeed to be present at Bonn Harmonie and see the band receive a prestigious PdSK Award  for the disc, but of course it can only have racked up the expectations for it’s successor.      The following live release (again shot at Bonn Harmonie) suggested that either the band were taking their time getting a strong new set together – or they were out of ideas.  I’m very pleased (and relieved) to say it was very definitely a case of the former.  ‘Change my Game’  could indeed even rightfully be called ‘Up my Game’ as TR and his very capable band of Black Tornados deliver everything we loved about ‘Too Many Roads’ and a whole lot more besides.

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