Ana Popovic – Can You Stand The Heat (AErec003)

 APheat“I wanted to capture the hot Memphis summer, the greasy Stax sound,” – Ana Popovic

 For all those people who identify Ana Popovic  purely with the Blues it’s worth noting that she has been using words like ‘Funk’ and  ‘Jazz’ in descriptions of  her sound since the early days of ‘Hush’ in her native Serbia. Certainly, if you didn’t catch those styles within the laser grooves of her previous discs then you undoubtedly will on this one.  ‘Can You Stand The Heat’  is probably the closest she has come to producing the sound that was in her head from those early days, and if I say closest’ it’s only because, perfectionist that Ana is, I suspect she is already working on any weaknesses that occurred on the new CD.   Has she got a lot to work on?  Find out here.

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