The Pogues – James Fearnley Interview

When I rang Shane up to tell him that I was finally writing a book about us and that I would probably be on the unstinting side, he said: ‘I don’t give a f**k about that.

It would have been hard to believe at the time, but during their hard living, hard touring, hard drinking days someone within legendary Irish Band The Pogues was soberly making notes.  The result is ‘Here Comes Everybody’ a book intriguingly described by it’s Author, the Bands Accordion Player James Fearnley, as ‘Creative Non-fiction’.  Fearnley’s book begins on 30 June 1980 in London when he arrived, Telecaster in hand, to audition for MacGowan’s band ‘The Nips’ and abruptly ends in Yokohama (30 August 1991) when MacGowan is called to a Band meeting and sacked.  As you can well imagine, there is an intriguing story to be told in between.

In an exclusive interview, 3SongsBonn asked Fearnley for his thoughts on the New Book, on the Old Band and on their upcoming Concert in Cologne this August.  His answers are honest and with a touch of humour that must have been a life-saver during the tempestuous early years of Pogue Mahone and the roller-coaster ride to success in a mini-van existence that Fearnley likens to the atmosphere of Germany’s epic Naval drama ‘Das Boot’.

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