Erja Lyytinen – Forbidden Fruit (RUF 1188)

Erja Lyytinen
Germany’s first real taste of ‘The Finnish Bonnie Raitt’ came with her appearance on the 2007 Blues Caravan.  It brought a lot of praise, particularly for the girl’s undeniable slide guitar talents, but also a lot of expectation.  In ‘Forbidden Fruit’Erja Lyttinen’s fourth studio album for RUF, there is certainly a depth both lyrically and musically that leaps out from the earlier discs.

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Double Dangerous – Erja & Meena

Meena and Erja LyytinenA rock can be smoothe or it can be, well, rocky.  The same can be said of Rock Musicians. If you were at Tuesdays Harmonie concert with Meena Cryle and Erja Lyytinen then you will certainly know what I mean. Meena, sporting an Elvis T-shirt and faded jeans, Erja in figure hugging short black dress with feather draped shoulders.  Meena with wild hair falling where it will, Erja with coiffered locks trimmed to precision above precisely defined eyebrows.  Most importantly of all – Meena with a raw, pleading, Joplinesque voice, Erja’s vocals flowing like silky smooth chocolate. Continue reading