Ian Parker Interview

“I’ve got interested in other things in life and that’s really important. Before it was waking up to write and play music, and booking the tours and that. It was nothing – just music, music, music…”

Following his barnstorming appearance at Bonn’s Harmonie, Ian Parker gave 3songsbonn.com an honest and forthright interview.  It describes his journey through the pressures of success and learning the hard way that  there’s more to life than making music.

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Clare Free – Dust & Bones

Ever since Clare Free’s 2010 CD  ‘Be Who You Are’ I’ve been looking forward to a new one from the girl from Oxfordshire.  Her musical upbringing saw Clare mingle with some excellent British Blues musicians including popular band ‘The Spikedrivers’ and Matt Schofield, but I found the disc a bit too clinical sounding, the vocals a bit too ‘folky’ (I like folk but it didn’t quite fit the themes or the music on the disc).   On her second official release ‘Dust & Bones’ though, Clare ticks a lot of boxes that say ‘This is not just ‘another’ woman playing the blues who knows her way around a fretboard –  this is a unique voice waiting to be discovered’.

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