Patti Smith concert now in Cologne

Bonn really is outdoing itself these days where the value of live music is concerned.
Due to legal challenges brought these past few days by Nature Protection Organization BUND the concerts planned for Grafenwerth will not now take place there. It would seem that playing live music near people, near animals, near insects, near trees, near just about anything is no longer permissable in the City.

We should be proud that Bonn is still pulling enough weight to attract an international superstar like Patti Smith. Instead we’ve ‘given’ her concert to Cologne where, coincidentIy, the legal decision was made. It’s rather ironic too that Smith should be pulled from Bonn’s schedule under accusations that her music is detrimental to Nature as I remember with affection how she stopped, mid-concert, at the Kunstrasen some years ago to admire the location and say “Hello Tree” to one of the Beeches along the pathway next to the stage.

Saddest of all is that at a time when people in Bonn can finally go to see live music again after two years of Covid, the music is being denied them. It’s going to Cologne and to Düsseldorf instead. Very sad.

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