It’s Karneval Time – Be Happy or Beware!

Photo c. F. Hafner

The tunes burrow into your brain, sounding like something you heard before in the late 1970’s. The crowd wears an odd assortment of hats and an even odder assortment of costumes. Yes, it’s Karneval Music time. It either makes you want to go on the street or go to another Country. If you’re one of the former then you will be pleased to know that, despite Corona, BonnLive has put together a series of live music events in Bonn and Cologne for lovers of Germany’s unofficial ‘5th Season’.

Around 2,000 spectators attended the four shows on Friday and Saturday at the Westwerk in Bonn and the Jugendpark in Cologne.

The opening show in Cologne was not without problems though that I would more have expected in Bonn. Due to the city’s regulations, there were problems with the volume of the music in the open marquee during the evening. “Bands and spectators were not offered the quality they are used to from BonnLive and which is also our own standard,” Katharina Hetkämper, managing director of BonnLive, apologised.

As a result, intensive talks with the city of Cologne took place as early as Saturday morning. The result: all further shows in Cologne will start earlier (5.30 pm) and end earlier, at 8.45 pm.

The coming concert weekend will see top bands like KASALLA, CAT BALLOU, MILJÖ and the BLÄCK FÖÖSS so Carnival fans should hurry, especially for the shows on the coming Saturday, tickets are slowly becoming scarce. Tickets and more information about the concerts are available at


11.02. Karnevalskonzert #4
Mo-Torres, Planschemalöör, Miljö, Domstürmer, Cat Ballou
12.02. Karnevalskonzert #5
Auerbach, Klüngelköpp, Kasalla, Mo-Torres, Cat Ballou
abends: Klüngelköpp, Lupo, Cat Ballou, Mo-Torres, Kasalla
13.02. Jubiläumskonzert: 150 Jahre Bonner Stadtsoldaten
Chanterella, Paveier, Kasalla, Klüngelköpp, Miljö, Räuber
18.02. Karnevalskonzert #6
Kasalla, Räuber, Klüngelköpp, Kuhl un de Gäng, Mo-Torres
19.02. Karnevalskonzert #7
Lupo, Miljö, Mo-Torres, Kasalla, Cat Ballou
abends: Cat Ballou, Paveier, Räuber, Miljö, Mo-Torres
20.02. Junges Theater Bonn
Der Grüffelo
abends: Karnevalskonzert #8
Eldorado, Bernd Stelter, Bläck Fööss, Klüngelköpp, Miljö,
24.02. Weiberfastnacht: Karnevalskonzert #9
Cat Ballou, Kuhl un de Gäng, Domstürmer, Mo-Torres,
abends: Klüngelköpp, Cat Ballou, Lupo, Mo-Torres,
25.02. Karnevalskonzert #10

Kasalla, Cat Ballou, Miljö, Stadtrand, Domstürmer
26.02. Karnevalskonzert #11
Fiasko, Lupo, Stadtrand, Domstürmer, Miljö
abends: Miljö, Cat Ballou, Bläck Fööss, Fiasko, Domstürmer
27.02. Karnevalskonzert #12
Cat Ballou, Köbesse, Kasalla, Miljö, Klüngelköpp
abends: Klüngelköpp, Miljö, Funky Marys, Cat Ballou, Kasalla
28.02. Rosenmontag: Karnevalskonzert #13
Köbesse, Domstürmer, Kasalla, Bläck Fööss, Paveier
abends: Paveier, Bläck Fööss, Kasalla, Domstürmer, Fiasko

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