Xmas Music in Bad Godesberg

If you want to find a symmetric point, you can do so by calculation, or more easily, you can take a bus to Bad Godesberg.  Okay, it doesn’t work everyday, but on Saturday a quartet under that unusual name were to be found playing some relaxing guitar and sax at the Christmas Market.  It was certainly both an enjoyable and a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy Glühwein and a Bratwurst in – which an increasing number of families were doing as the afternoon wore on.   Thanks then to Sascha, Lars, Regine, and Wilfried for providing a perfect relaxing musical backdrop for a Market that was nicely spread out, with none of the hectic busy pressure, and the ‘packed like sardines‘ feeling that you usually get at Bonn’s main Market.

There was a tiny bit of pressure on though as I particularly wanted to check out the mini Xmas Market set up in the Kurpark next to the Kleines Theater, so I didn’t have time to eat or drink before heading up the road.

Organizer Sabine

Organizer Sabine

If you were at one of the excellent shows Unter der Zeder in the Summer you will know the location well, and the little square really does transform perfectly into a mini Christmas grotto – except that instead of Santa Claus I was greeted on this particular Saturday afternoon by John Hay, Eva Henneken and the rest of local/international band CAYU.   In fact, the band is particularly international this evening, joined as they are by drummer Alexandre’s Brazilian father Ricardo on guitar and brother Ric on upright bass.

CAYU’s shows get more varied every time I see them, as traditional World music becomes interspersed with self compositions and now extra Brazilian Samba flair. Add some tasty Bratwurst and Glühwein to the mix – and, with the aid of a snow machine, it truly was, for about twenty seconds anyway, a white Christmas.

Who knows, maybe at next week’s Christmas Grotto ‘Unter der Zeder’ the snow will be for real…
THE next ‘Advent unter der Zeder‘ is on Sunday (19 Dec) from 6 pm to 10 pm with Christmas music from Greencard .  My advice is to come early as the Covid 2 rules + limited space might mean you have to wait in that snow for a while for admission.


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