Time to right the wrong – Madison Violet

Some years ago now I saw Madison Violet at Bonn Harmonie. They’ve been back a few times since but the Canadian duos latest plans for an appearance have been scuppered by Covid, including a complete German Tour just put forward to 2022.
For fans of Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac though there is a new video release with a very sad and very important background story as Brenley explains:

“We are releasing a video for our song ‘Time To Right The Wrong’.

We shot this 10 months ago, and although it’s been ready to launch since February, we’ve kept stalling on releasing it. Then, in late August, as the dreaded annual feeling of September arose in my heart, we knew why we had waited for so long.  On September 22, 2006, one week after his 45th birthday, and 34 years of suffering from being the victim of sexual abuse as an altar boy, my brother, Stevie, was murdered. 

To mark the anniversary of his death, Lisa and I want to share his story with you. This video may be difficult to watch, but we feel as though it is an important story to tell. Like so many other children who suffered a period of abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest, Stevie’s experience started him down a tragic path that he would sadly never recover from.

I’ve asked myself a million times whether or not this is my story to tell. Each time I ask myself this question, I see a peaceful smile on my brother’s face. The church is quite broken, and without utter transparency, without action and accountability, the leaders, the bishops will remain complicit in covering up the criminal actions of priests. Offenders will just keep getting moved from one parish to another, until someone has the courage to speak up loudly.

This is not just for Stevie. This is for all those who have lived through horrific abuse by a Catholic priest.

Originally on our album, ‘Everything’s Shifting’, the song has recently been remixed by our good friend UK-based producer, John Reynolds (Sinead O’Connor, Indigo Girls, Glen Hansard)”.

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