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Whilst I’m writing happily and confidently away in English, I am aware that Bonn is in Germany and that Bonn is also a City known and loved worldwide. If you are interested in Bonn’s music that makes me very happy. That you have found my site makes me happier still, and I hope you will come back, whatever Country you are living in.

If the English language is not your strongest point (or if I get carried away and start rambling in a way only close friends and psychiatrists would understand!) a solution is just two clicks away.

1 -click on the dropdown box shown above and

2 – Click on the language that you best understand

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the Igbo or Hausa translations, but the German translation seems reasonably solid.

That said – Schöne Tag noch, Aufwiedersehen, Tot ziens, À plus tard and Wela’i di wedyn…

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