Jazz im Biergarten with Stefan Ulbricht

Down at the Parkrestaurant in the Rheinaue something is stirring… It’s a new music season.
Every day between now and 27 August there will be music to hear with a cool drink in the Summer air. Monday to Saturday the music is varied but kicks off at 7.30 pm. Sunday though is Jazz day. The concerts here take place between 2 and 5pm, as with today’s offering of Boogie Woogie Blues from Stefan Ulbricht and his Trio (Ulbricht, Paul G. Ulrich und Jan Koeckstadt).

Nothing too fancy, or too fine, just good-time music with boogie piano at its heart. ‘My Blue Heaven’, Seintimental Journey, Louis Jordan’s ‘Choo Choo Boogie’ (sung by bass player Paul G. Ulrich). All good fun and delivered with a smile from the band. What more do you want from a Sunday afternoon Jazz fans? Sunday at Rheinaue is your day – and it’s free. There’s a Schnelltest Centre in case you haven’t been double vaccinated yet and my tip for ‘dancers’ is to do your thing outside of the beer garden itself – inside it’s sadly banned to dance. Also, bring some patience when ordering a drink – two waitresses for the whole beer garden concert area is hard on the feet of the waitresses and the throats of the thirsty visitors. Otherwise, a perfect way to relax on a Sunday afternoon amongst friends for music fans.

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