Kulturgarten – two week postponement

The seven-day incidence rate for Covid in Bonn is falling much more slowly than hoped, and this now also has an impact on the BonnLive Kulturgarten season. In agreement with the city of Bonn, the start will be postponed by two weeks. 

The starting signal for the summer open-air will therefore not be given on June 15, but two weeks later on June 30. “Of course we hoped that the incidences would be constant, especially since they are already significantly lower in the Bonn area,” says Julian Reininger, managing director of BonnLive. “We are very disappointed that we can now not ring in the Kultursommer as planned on June 15, but we are looking forward all the more to June 30!” adds Simon Reininger, also Managing Director.

Artists such as REVOLVERHELD, JORIS, KASALLA, CULCHA CANDELA, CAT BALLOU, CAROLIN KEBEKUS, ECKART VON HIRSCHHAUSEN and many more are planned, as well as weekly shows by the JUNGES THEATER BONN. The organizational team of the BonnLive Kulturgarten is in close contact with the city of Bonn and, under high pressure, the team has found replacement dates for all shows and concerts within a very short time.

Unfortunately, the unexpected postponement has an impact on the television plans for the European Football Championship with the public viewing for Germany vs. France and Germany vs. Portugal having to be canceled.  The Germany vs. Hungary match will be shown on June 23 at the Telekom Open Air on the other side of the Rhine.

“We are very happy that the artists and sponsors have been so understanding,” explains Sandro Heinemann, Managing Director of BonnLive, “and we are sure that our spectators will also understand the situation, and their anticipation will simply grow for another two weeks,” adds Heinemann. 

The makers of the Kulturgarten, are sure however that the short-term disappointment will be forgotten as early as next week with the third and final announcement of artists due to be made. “Despite teething problems, the organizers are all the more excited to be staging dozens of shows and concerts throughout the summer starting June 30,” sums up Simon Reininger. 

Regardless of the Kulturgarten’s postponement, the Telekom Open Air will take place as planned between June 19 and 27 with the BEETHOVEN ORCHESTER BONN, RÄUBER, 257ERS, RAZZand others. 

Tickets for the events can be purchased  HERE 

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