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Popular French rockers Rozedale are back with something new, and and I don’t mean just a change in spelling (from Rosedale) either. The band centred around Amandyn Roses’ punchy vocals and Charlie Fabert’s tasteful guitar licks have completed their third studio disc.  ‘Third album syndrome’ (there’s even a name for it) usually develops as follows:  New band kicks off with a solid debut, filled with songs that have perhaps been years in the making (1st release). Band then find out what went down best from this first disc and use that knowledge to deliver a solid follow-up (2nd release).   But then comes the question: should release number three stay safe and be more of the same? Should it show progression and risk losing fans?  For Rozedale it’s make your mind up time..

Actually, that subtle spelling change is a clue to the musical path taken.  Yes, things have changed, but not too much.  Overall the band has kept it’s sound – and that’s a good thing.  Using the mixing skills of Chris Sheldon (Radiohead/Foo Fighters) is an equally wise move –  guaranteeing that this release maintains a Rock edginess even in its introspective moments.

But things have changed in a subtle way,  and definitely for the better.  Rosedale with an ‘s’ already had the looks, the licks and the riffs of a solid Rockband, but Rozedale with a ‘z’ add an extra level of maturity.  The songs themselves are very clearly centre-stage.  Rather than fitting lyrics around a riff, the music serves the songs.  A very definite sign of maturity.  At times even, dare I use a term that has fallen into disrepute, this seems like a concept album.

Fabert and Roses – Finding the light at the end of the Covid Tunnel

Corona has created a World turned upside down.  Polarising us all to re-assess the basic things in life often taken for granted.  How we are treating the planet we inhabit,  how long we as individuals will be living on it., what do we want in that short time?  These themes come up repeatedly on the tracks here:

Sustainability: “Waiting on the cross we’ll bear tomorrow” (Burning).   Relationships: “Where love goes, heartache follows” (Where Love Goes).  Mortality: “Before I go, I would like to know why we’re even here” (Before I Go)

Lyrically speaking the going gets quite heavy at times.  There is often a world-weariness, A reflection of the Covid-created restrictions that we all bear.  A World where even positives seem negative “Shine – before your light fades away…” (Shine);   or on ‘Can’t Get Enough’ where its refrain of “Life goes on, and on, and on…” sounds like a prison sentence alongside the atmospheric guitar.

Just when all seems doom and gloom though, the last two tracks include wake-up calls for us all in these jaded times.  The appropriately titled ‘At the End of the Day’ gives us a clear warning signal to make the best of it with its realisation that “At the end of the day.  No one’s here to stay”.

Most telling, and what makes this such a powerful disc in my eyes, is the perfectly placed closing track.  following all the pain, dissillusion and fear of the preceeding tracks comes Somewhere in the Mess’.  It’s a beautifully crafted and sung ballad.  Like the sun coming out after a thunderstorm, it is affirmation that, even in these days of Covid confinement “There’s always something that makes it worth the rest”.  It’s a fine, cathartic conclusion to an excellent and thoughtful disc.

Rozedale have come up with a belter of a third release, perfectly capturing the emotional turmoil of these Covid drenched times.  Take a sip of wine, or a cold beer, and let Amandyn Roses and Charlie Fabert guide you through to the light at the end of the Covid tunnel.  There really is always something that makes it worth all the rest – and this disc proves it.

‘ROZEDALE will be officially released as Vinyl/CD on  28 May PRE-ORDER HERE

ROZEDALE – Album Release Tour 2021

16.09.2021 B-Verviers, Spirit of 66

17.09.2021 D-Dortmund, Musiktheater Piano

18.09.2021 D-Hamburg, Downtown Openair

23.09.2021 D-Köln, Yard Club

24.09.2021 D-Freudenburg, Ducsaal

25.09.2021 D-Baden-Baden, Blues-Club

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