Mr Music closing at the end of 2020


Very sad news for music lovers and indeed for the City Centre of Bonn – The end of this year will also be the end of CD and vinyl shop Mr Music. After almost thirty years selling records, CD’s and concert tickets in the centre of Bonn, Shop owner Bernie Gelhausen is  finally closing down.   Here is his announcement on the Mr Music website translated into english:

“After 25 years in Maximilianstraße and almost three years in Münsterstraße it is time to say “Thank you and goodbye”. We opened our doors in November 1992, and since then we have been in the top 5 independent record stores in Germany. But even in such a position no-one can be protected from the many difficulties and problems of running such a store.

Mr Music since 1992 – Bernie Gelhausen

Many factors play a role in our closure: The most recent and serious one is of course the Corona crisis, but digitization in the form of increased Internet sales and a change in listening habits towards streaming services also play their part. In addition, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small retailers to survive in a city centre that is becoming increasingly unattractive and soulless. Construction sites and traffic chaos mean that fewer and fewer people come to the city to browse for records.

In addition, the impression of Bonn today is that the city administration is increasingly interested in sacrificing small stores to the highest bidding investors in disposable textile discounter and food stall chains. The local retail trade is then forced into B and C grade locations and, because of the changes in the city, still has to pay horrendous rents that can no longer be offset by ever-smaller profit margins.

The last factor to be added is a change in the record industry itself.  It has become increasingly difficult to establish a record store as an attractive contact point for music fans offering exclusive releases and attractive offers because these special features are often reserved for large corporations or band stores. The industry is changing – and we have tried to counteract this change a little with our new opening – but the attempt has not been successful.

Mr Music at Maximillianstrasse

Music is, and has always been, my life and I consider it a great privilege to have been able to turn my favourite hobby into a profession for decades. However, one must also recognize when it becomes an expensive hobby again, and then take the consequences. At this point I would like to thank all the many loyal regular customers I have met, and who have supported me over the years, kept the store running and with whom I could exchange information about bands, concerts and anything else I wanted to know. Without you, our success would not have been possible.  For this again my deepest thanks to you! I really hope that we will be able to meet for a glass or two of Kölsch or whiskey at the concerts that will take place again (normally) soon.

We will still be here for you, with all the services you are used to, until 31.12.2020 .  As already announced, the annual concert of Dutch Bluesrock guitarist Julian Sas, which I have been organizing for decades each November in the Bonn Harmonie, will not take place this year due to the Corona situation. The concert has been postponed to November 27, 2021, tickets already purchased will remain valid.

Thanks for everything

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