Folk Club Open Air This Week!

After about half a year of enforced break, the Folk Club in Bonn is daring to bring some live music back to Dotty’s Sportsbar in Dottendorf. Needs must of course, and the meeting this Friday (4 September) will be very different from the usual Folk Club although, needless to say, Folk Club’s maxim of offering an entertaining, relaxing and free evening of music will be maintained.  John Harrison has wisely decided to forego the ‘non-amplification’ rule. as this ‘special Lite’ edition of Bonn Folk Club will be outside on the tennis court.  I suspect some subtle, battery powered, assistance will be in evidence soundwise.

So, what will await both musicians and guests on Friday? In order to finish in daylight, the evening will begin at 6.30 pm and finish around 8 pm – without a break. As mentioned, this meet will take place outdoors behind the clubhouse, with the musicians on the tennis court, and the audience listening from an embankment on the edge of the courts. There are also benches and steps suitable for sitting on, but it is advisable to bring a cushion, and, if you want to sit on the grass on the embankment, you might want to bring a blanket as well.

For security and hygiene reasons, admission will be limited to a maximum audience of eighty people. Priority will also be given to registrations in advance on a ‘first come’ basis, with registration in advance being via: so make sure of a limited place and send an email giving name, address and telephone number (all will be deleted after the statutory four weeks )  It will also make it possible for Folk Club to inform you if bad weather means the evening is cancelled.

Access to the venue: From the entrance door on the ground floor of the club house straight ahead through the corridor to the rear of the building. Please note that you must wear mouth and nose protection when entering the building and when walking across the club’s premises. When you have taken your places in the open air, you may remove the protection. It’s also requested that you keep the prescribed distance from other people who do not belong to your personal environment.

Who will be appearing?: given the circumstances, no “stars” from other continents. But there are promises from popular and professional musicians from our environment, who are now true “folk club stars”. So let yourself be surprised!

A unique chance to see John Harrison playing at Folk Club – with amplification!!!

For more information see the Folk Club Bonn Website



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