Beethoven Rocks Bonn Karneval!

Rollover Beethoven! The great Rocker himself takes a legendary crowd-surf off the stage in Stern-Strasse. It’s a little known fact that the young Ludwig was a huge fan of Lemmy, and his deafness at a young age was actually attributed to playing ‘Ace of Spades’ for hours on end. Eventually, his parents bought him a piano – and the end of a career in heavy metal became the start of something quite different…

3 thoughts on “Beethoven Rocks Bonn Karneval!

  1. Oh man, this was one of the best floats in the parade. The best part was, the head on the Beethoven figure was (intentionally?) a little wobbly. As it drove past us in the Altstadt, Beethoven seemed to be…. headbanging! 😀

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