Kessenich Autumn Market 2019

Rockabilly Hellraisers

After last week’s trip up to Cologne, this one was a lot closer to home.  The Kessenicher Herbstmarkt may not have the kudos of Poppelsdorf’s Street Festival, but it has a good turn-out of visitors and the musicians all clearly enjoy playing – wish I could say that for some of the professional bands that charge big bucks for small enthusiasm.

Give it up then for my photo gallery of B-Five Bluesband, Room Service and The Rockabilly Hellraisers.  Three bands who, in between the beer and Bratwurst stalls, time-warped us back in music history.  I only recall hearing one original song during my visit, but it was one written about Kessenich (from the B-Fivers).  Also, a shout out to The Rockabilly Hellraisers from Nahetal for their version of Queens ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.
For my impressions of the musicians playing during the afternoon click below…




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