JazzTube Week 2

JazzTube week 2 was a relatively peaceful affair musically speaking.  Three tube stations and three bands for whom mood and atmosphere were paramount.  A perfect way to wind down after a hectic week’s work courtesy of Stadtwerke Bonn in fact.

Down at Museumsmile, you might have wished yourself in possession of a yoga mat.  The trio of young ladies there, under the name LUAH, were delivering soothing melodies that were punctuated by long periods of ‘Um’ and ‘Ah’ passages that would fit in well for calming patients at a doctors waiting room.  The self-composed songs were in English and Portugesebut language didn’t matter – mood was the aim, and Museumsmile is the perfect station for it acoustically and spatially.

Gentle melodies courtesy of LUAH at Museumsmile

At the Uni/Markt station, there was the familiar musical face of Johann May on acoustic guitar and the unfamiliar face of Kasja Bortnik laying down some relaxing Jazz melodies and lyrics with the help of Benjamin Garcia on Contrabass.

Songs for the soul from Kasia Bortnik (Uni/Markt)

Finally, at the Main Station, where the music is usually more swinging, it was also quite laid back.  Soulcrane + Matthew Halpin were creating the vibe here. The first electric guitar of the evening and a trumpet meant a little more ‘kick’ than the previous locations.  Still, there was an air of calm about the sounds wafting up to the steps to the tube stations.  Was this week’s extra peacefulness due to the total absence at all venues of heavy percussion?  not a drum-kit in sight with the deep resonance that only a Contrabass can truly create being the go-to rhythm of both Kasia Bortnik Trio and Soulcrane + Matthew Halpin.

A young listener is sitting comfortably to enjoy Soulcrane+Matthew Halpin (Bonn Main Station)

It really was a marvellous idea from Stadtwerke Bonn to create, at a stroke, three extra concert platforms in the City, and the growing number of people who clearly now actually go to enjoy the music rather than just pass time between trains shows that Bonn has taken the concept very much to its heart.  The audience ranges from 9 to 90 (sometimes, with passing prams, 9 months even).  I know that when I walk through the underpass at Museumsmile later in the year in ghostly silence these Friday evenings will seem a World away.  All the more reason to enjoy the music whilst you can!   There are still three more weeks to enjoy the music and find a favourite to vote for at the Pantheon in October

For more details about upcoming concerts and how to vote; visit the JazzTube Homepage




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