The Closing week of Kunstrasen has some great music lined up

Wolfgang Niedecken – Cologne’s very own Duracell Bunny keeps on going (God bless him!)

A lot of great music coming to the Kunstrasen this week.  Max Giesinger will have a support slot for Cynthia Nickschas – Cynthia fans get there in time, the Bonn ‘Powerfrau’ is onstage at 5.30 pm on Thursday!

Cynthia Nickschas – Bonn music at its best

Get there early too on Friday for the legendary Wolfgang Niedeckens BAP.  Show starts on Friday at  6.30 pm and Mr Niedecke will be onstage from then until they forcibly drag him from the stage because it’s 10 pm.  There are not many left like Niedecken, who love to play all night and not just 90 minutes.


Saturday is Classic Rock Night with Mr Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull and one foot on the ground whilst playing the flute fame.  Thick as a Brick you must be if you miss him, Fish and the rest of the evening’s Rockbands.


Speaking of Rock Bands.  There aren’t too many from Germany who are loved in Britain, and few loved more than the closing band at Kunstrasen this year – The Scorpions.  Need I say more?

Tickets available via BONN TICKET

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