Dottendorf Jazz with Jürgen Spiegel and Vladyslav Sendecki

Jürgen Spiegel and Vladyslav Sendecki are two high profile international Jazz musicians.

Vladyslav Sendecki is viewed as one of the most vibrant and creative pianists on the European Jazz scene with Süddeutsche Zeitung praising him as a “master of emotion, who possesses gripping musical virtuosity.” New York’s Village Voice named him as one of the 5 currently most significant Jazz pianists in the world.   Praise also came from the late Al Jarreau: “Vladyslav Sendecki is highly ranked among the great pianists of the last 100 years, with Herbie, Chick and Duke and Jarrett.”

Jürgen Spiegel will be known to Jazz lovers as the driving rhythmical force in the highly acclaimed Tingvall Trio and, alongside Till Brönner, regarded as a “figurehead” for German Jazz Worldwide.  Spiegel has also made a name for himself as producer for a variety of music and video projects. These days the two have made Hamburg their home, where they worked on an unusual piano/drum duo project that became the acclaimed release ‘Two in the Mirror’ – breaking down the barriers between Jazz, Classical and World Music.

Spiegel & Sendecki will be appearing in Ortszentrum Dottendorf on 7 June from 8pm.  Tickets 18 Euros

Ortszentrum Dottendorf

Dottendorfer Str. 41
Bonn, NRW 53129 Deutschland
+ Google Karte

For full details (in German) visit:


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