Kunst!Rasen for Kim Wilde


Kim Wilde of ‘Kids in America’ fame has just been announced as support on the Tears for Fears show at Bonn Kunst!Rasen on 28 June.

Wilde last appeared here at Münsterplatz in July 2018 where the picture was taken accompanying this post.  It’s somewhat odd that Wilde had a number 1 hit with her very first single in 1981 about being one of the ‘Kids in America’ when she actually hails from Chiswick in the UK.  It didn’t stop her going on to be one of the most successful female singers of the early 1980s though, and she is still making good pop music as her last release ‘Here Come The Aliens’ from 2018 proves.

More details of the concert HERE

Reason enough to take a step back in time to the days of MTV video…

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